/// Implémenter E-SECURE CONTROL vous ouvre naturellement la voix à des services de haute qualité :

:: E-SECURE Always On.

The installation of the E-SECURE CONTROL agent modules ensures you a redundancy of the communication links in the event of internal or external network failure.

- The system automatically switches from one communication link to another (example: 802.11G vs GPRS) and continues to transmit the data in a protected way towards the remote nodes.

- In the event of failure of communication towards distant nodes, the system switches automatically to an ad-hoc network and proposes simultaneously:
> an alternative to the recording of the data flows directed towards Internet,
> an alternative to the consultation of these flows from the outside, in particular by indicating in an autonomous way a new leader module as point of entrance to the system from the Internet.

- In every cases, the system can switch automatically to the initial communication links and the supervisor is informed in real-time of all the changes of operationnal states.

:: E-SECURE Keep in touch.

Management of the remote agent modules.

This module feature consists in Web Services allowing a communication and a synchronization of the data in real-time between E-SECURE agents, the remote supervision site of the modules and the mobile terminals of 2nd or 3rd generation.

The communication between the agent appliances installed and the remote superivision servers allow to visualize the events in real-time in order to :

- Quickly detect possible software, networks or system malfunctions and to communicate a first diagnosis.
- Inform immediately the teams of remote surveillance
- Communicate guidelines for the actions to be carried out at the time of a remote resolution of the problem
- Access immediately the team of level 3 to intervene on the site
- Contact the best effective agent to carry out the intervention on site
- Carry out an urgent request of the customer within the framework of the maintenance (possibly subject to invoicing).

/// A whole set of training courses to maximize your benefit when using the powerful technology E-SECURE CONTROL.

The team of ESECO SYSTEMS sets up and ensures a series of trainings to allow you to acquire all the requested autonomy in order to configure settings and to customize the modules agents of the family of products of ESECO SYSTEMS.

:: E-SECURE Tuning (module administrator / user).
Training highly advised when implementing the framework of the agent modules of the family of products of ESECO SYSTEMS. This training course is addressed to functional persons who carry out the management of the agent modules E-SECURE:

- Management of users and access rights
- Standard configuration of the existing security strategies
- Management of an alert occuring on event or malfunction
- Management of the records
- Consultation of video flows
- Management of statistics on the alerts and events
- Tracking of suspicious events with 3D rendering

:: E-SECURE Tuning (administrator module).
Training systematically suggested when implementing the framework of the agent modules of the family of products of ESECO SYSTEMS. This training course is addressed to technical persons (embedded computing, M2M, MAS, networks) for an optimized management of the agent modules E-SECURE.

- Management of the intelligent routing of video streams
- Management of the redundancy of the system and networks

Mandatory training course in the case of the use of the software layer SDK of E-SECURE, in particular in the cases of integration of a solution E-SECURE deployed with an enterprise application. This training is addressed to profiles of data-processing developers with good level, which ideally have knowledge in embedded computing.

:: E-SECURE Training Add on.

- Development of a LINUX embedded system.
Allows to acquire the necessary autonomy for the achievement of a LINUX embedded appliance equipped with a network interface and administered through a graphical interface 2D or 3D.

- Development of device drivers.
Allows to acquire the basic knowledge to develop drivers adapted to all types of devices.

- LINUX embedded and multimedia.
Allows to acquire a true expertise in the multimedia design of solutions starting from an LINUX embedded platform.


Wireless and autonomous, the modules E-SECURE CONTROL enable the constitution of security systems of new generation, robust, reliable, intelligent, while reducing the costs of installation of 50%.