/// ESECO SYSTEMS Professional Services: Towards the success of your projects and the resolution of your problems.

Our team of experts of the technologies embedded in the security systems has open an offer of service to help you during each stage of the achievement of your system.

Before the installation of your new system, ESECO SYSTEMS consultants advise you on:

- The network architecture and communication links adapted to your needs: GPRS, 3G/3G+, WIMAX, WIFI, VPN, IPv6, IPSec, AES/3DES cyphering...
- The mesh networks and Peer-To-Peer networks, the "multipoint to multipoint".
- The implementation of your platform M2M and MAS (multi agent systems), the complex collaborative systems with distributed intelligence (web 3.0).
- The identification of the telecom tools (fixed, mobile), electronics, and solutions in embedded data processing, existing or to create, which meet all of your needs.

When installing your system, ESECO SYSTEMS experts bring their know-how:

- Choice and design of the security strategies
- Optimization of the routing of secured data flows
- Secured integration of the solution within your Information System
- Integration or mutualisation of your security system with other enterprise applications RFID, or geolocation solutions (EGNOS / GALLILEO / GPS), analysis and video processing, biometry ...

During the deployment or on a already installed system, ESECO SYSTEMS audits your platform:

- Powering, energy consumption
- Quality of the implemented strategies of security
- Tests of robustness or benchmarking focused on :
> The quality of the network communication modes
> The security, the cyphering and the optimization of data flows
> The fault-tolerant working modes (especially in case of malfunction of a component of the system or a problem on the network).