/// ESECO SYSTEMS : choose the leader.

ESECO SYSTEMS addresses its solution E-SECURE CONTROL to the professionals of the great sector of the security, safety, and the prevention of the risks:

:: IT companies specialized in videosurveillance
:: Large installation companies specialized in security or safety
:: Remote surveillance operators

You are a famous actor on the sector recognized for your competencies in :

:: Designing and implementing softwares for the professionals of safety
:: Installing security systems
:: Managing the security of industrial, natural, or domestic sites

... and you look at the market evolution towards the “whole numeric world”. Conscious of the strategic advantage that these technological advances represent, you wish to control them to consolidate your market shares and to perennialize your activity.

By integrating the functionalities of Web 3.0, E-SECURE CONTROL enables you to become a leader on the market of the new generation of safety. On the one hand, you operate in coherence with the current trends of the market, on the other hand you propose true competitive advantages to your customers.

The Solution E-SECURE CONTROL brings you a maximum of safety, in complete coherency with the exploitation or the performance management of the company or urban space of which you realize the monitoring, the security or the videosurveillance software. The intelligence of the system is distributed on a whole set of module and thus makes it possible to gain considerably in flexibility and reliability compared to the other existing conventional systems.

/// Your benefits when using E-SECURE CONTROL :

:: IT companies specialized in videosurveillance sofwares : propose to your customers a solution allowing them to remove any false alarms thanks to the video intelligence, simple to use and higly evolutive. Develop software interfacing with modern hardware allowing the creation of many new applications; Enjoy the possibility of integrating all new functionalities available on the market.

:: Large installation companies specialized in security or safety : reduce your surveillance and intervention costs in the event of alarms, by the possibility of a remote access in secured mode on one or more sites. Reduce your costs and times of installation. E-SECURE CONTROL is compliant with all the standard sensors of the market, allows the deployment of new systems and can be integrated with the existing security systems.

:: Remote surveillance operators : propose to your customers a solution allowing the remote detection of false alarms. Reduce your costs of exploitation by an optimal management of your human resources and platforms of data processing. Your remote operators have of an access and a possibility of remote intervention in secured mode on one or more sites.