/// The E-SECURE CONTROL solution is based on a principle of electronic modules connected to the various elements (cameras, detectors, actuators...) of a security system.

Each module embedds the multi-agent E-SECURE software which manages all the intelligence of the system. All the modules communicate between them to form a security network with a distributed intelligence.

Thanks to E-SECURE, this network is able to self-reorganize in an autonomous way in real-time and to continue to work even if the integrity of some of its modules or sensors were deteriorated during an aggression.

The acquisition of proofs and the detection of false alarms continue during and after the attack and can be done remotely.

/// Principle of operation on wide sites:

Wireless and autonomous, the modules E-SECURE CONTROL enable the constitution of security systems of new generation, robust, reliable, intelligent, while reducing the costs of installation of 50%.