/// ESECO SYSTEMS : pioneer of the Web 3.0.

ESECO SYSTEMS is based on the models of distributed architectures of the Web 3.0 in order to implement the most advanced autonomous machine to machine systems (M2M).

E-SECURE CONTROL is the first product to be implemented using this patented and brand-new technology. Exclusively designed, manufactured and marketed by ESECO SYSTEMS, E-SECURE CONTROL addresses the sector of the security and positions the company as the technological leader of the market.

Prize winner of contest 2007 of creation and development of innovating companies, organized by the French Ministry of high school and research, the development of ESECO SYSTEMS has been co-funded by the European Union (FEDER), the Languedoc Roussillon Region, and the Orange Group.

Based in the South of France and in Paris, ESECO SYSTEMS operates on all France, Europe, and USA.