/// Creation of a new security system.

Whatever the configuration of the site to be protected is (industrial site, offshore oil rig platform, site in extension or construction...), the technological solutions E-SECURE allow the constitution of a system integrating all the essential components to be done in order to ensure a real security.

E-SECURE CONTROL makes it possible to create a wireless security system, with high-quality of service, significantly more intelligent, robust and protected than all other current technologies.

/// Modernization of an existing security system.

The solution E-SECURE CONTROL can control or reinforce an existing system to make it more advanced, more reliable, protected, more autonomous, more intelligent.

For example, modules E-SECURE CONTROL can integrate coders allowing to convert analogical flows into numerical flows. In fact, the growing old park of old-fashioned cameras does not need to be replaced.

Whatever your strategy of safety is, E-SECURE brings an integrated solution already compliant with your installed hardware (alarm control panels, cameras, Internet network, network of sensors...).

Wireless and autonomous, the modules E-SECURE CONTROL enable the constitution of security systems of new generation, robust, reliable, intelligent, while reducing the costs of installation of 50%.