/// Intelligent, robust and 100% protected.

No dependence at all with the main control panel: each module is independent, able to take control on the other modules in the event of failure of one or more devices.

The multi-agent system is fault-tolerant and can be recomposed automatically and in an autonomous way to remain operational in all circumstances.

In the event of failure or destruction of one of the elements of the system, the overall system continues to work.

The communication links are systematically redundant: the GSM link replaces the WIFI link in case of congestion or jamming. The WIFI Technology is secured by the use of IPsec VPN technology with 3DES or AES cyphering.

The adaptation of the SNMP protocol allows the management of the data-processing equipments and the components of an external surveillance system to be done by the network administrators.

/// Simplicity of installation and deployment.

E-SECURE CONTROL is a wireless and autonomous system. The absence of wires reduces the costs and the times of installation by 50% and is particularly well suited to equip wide sites (industrial sites) or difficult to access (offshore oil plateforms...).

The system is easily transportable and can be adapted to another place or a modification of the environment. Each new component of safety is integrated automatically in the system.

The intelligence in each module allows to use standard, inexpensive peripherals associated with advanced technologies of signal and information processing.

/// Remote Access.

The interface of the system can be accessed from any mobile terminal (telephone, PDA, SmartPhone, portable PC), for immediate consultation or on categorized events (alarm SMS), modification of scripts and features, or reconfiguration of the system.

/// Evolutive.

The integration of software in the module under LINUX makes the system extremely evolutive according to the updates or the addition of new softwares (more powerful sensors, voice recognition, automatic optimization by training...)

The E-SECURE CONTROL solution integrates the access to a development platform (SDK, JAVA language, C, C++) allowing to develop customized features.

New components of safety can easily be added to an existing system: alarms, fire, remote surveillance of persons, intrusion, management of the house automation (opening/closing, lighting, temperature...). This evolutivity may completely be managed remotely.

Wireless and autonomous, the modules E-SECURE CONTROL enable the constitution of security systems of new generation, robust, reliable, intelligent, while reducing the costs of installation of 50%.